The Power of JOMO: The Joy of Missing Out


When thinking about studying abroad, some college students may be hesitant to do so due to FOMO - the fear of missing out. Although this feeling is a legitimate concern, a powerful tool that we should learn to embrace the positive side is JOMO - the joy of missing out.  JOMO is all about living in the moment without having to worry at all about any FOMO.

Whether you’re going to study abroad, or thinking about taking a break from life on campus for a semester, a part of understanding the dynamic of JOMO in relation to studying abroad comes from enjoying and appreciating your life in the moment. 

You might start to worry about what could happen if you were somewhere else, but the truth is that missing out on certain aspects of your life back home or on campus is not the end of the world, as there will always be another get-together, vacation to take, or party to attend.  

You’ll find out that your own experiences abroad will most likely be new and exciting ones.  Studying abroad gives the opportunity for experiences that would most likely not be offered at home or back on campus.  When you do return, the parts of one’s life that they have “missed” out on will become even more special.  


Another aspect of JOMO is having the ability to feel content about your decisions and the possibilities that come with them in the moment. You should not have to compare your life or decisions to others in order to feel happiness or satisfaction.

If you are to question your decision for studying abroad, it should be a personal decision, not one that is influenced by others or FOMO.  Being content with your life entails being in the moment, living your life a little slower, and enabling the chance to actually appreciate your interactions with others. 

In my personal experience abroad, I found that being able to take time for myself was beneficial to my overall well-being. During my respective study abroad experiences in Peru and China, I took the time to connect with others while reflecting on my feelings about being abroad.  

Letting go of your normal everyday routine can be a thrilling experience. However, this is not possible without adopting the mindset of finding joy in missing out on some parts of your life.  This mindset will allow you to disconnect from the rush of daily life and take time to slow down and appreciate the moments in all that you do. I highly recommend finding your inner happiness through JOMO for the best possible study abroad experience. 

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