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Travel is a life-changing experience and EdOdyssey values education at all costs. We work tirelessly to help make our programs accessible to as many students and families as possible. To help, EdOdyssey offers:

+ Competitive pricing

We only work in countries we know better than anyone else. This allows us to leverage our long-standing personal and professional relationships to negotiate costs and pass these savings along to students. We also have great relationships with major airlines around the globe allowing us to secure great group airline reservations.

+ All-inclusive pricing

There are never any surpris fees or add-ons. Once the program is confirmed, the Program Fee will not change and it includes just about everything including pre-departure preparation, transportation, meals, insurance and more. For custom programs, please see your itinerary for all the exact details.

For our study abroad program, our Tuition and Program Fee include virtually everything from pre-departure preparation, orientation, university tuition, homestay (and meals), in-country excursions, activities, full-time local advisors and so much more.

+ Guaranteed financial aid

For our custom trips and faculty-led programs, EdOdyssey offers a guaranteed financial aid package of $200 for any student from a household with an annual income of $55,000 or less. Financial aid is discounted from the student's Program Fee.

For our study abroad program, EdOdyssey also offers guaranteed financial aid packaged for any student from a household with an annual income of $55,000 or less. Financial aid ranges from $300 for Summer Term, $1,000 for a semester and $3,000 for a full year.

To be considered, participants must submit a Financial Aid Request Form. Click here to download the Financial Aid Request Form.

Note: Some programs may not be eligible for guaranteed financial aid depending on the agreement with the school/university. If you're not sure please just contact us and we will be happy to help!

+ Payment schedule

Payments are divided over multiple payments for all families. A deposit is due at the time of registration and the remaining Program Fee balance is divided in multiple payments depending on the program and timeline. We try to be flexible so if there is something we can do to help please contact us and we will work with you to create a solution.

+ Fundraising Tips

EdOdyssey posts fundraising tips and resources including a letter to help support students’ own fundraising efforts. We also recently launched a new online platform that allows donations to be credited directly to students. To download the fundraising letter please visit your trip's webpage. To make a donation online, please visit our online donation portal here.

+ Scholarships

EdOdyssey awards numerous merit-based scholarships each year ranging from $50-$3,000. Students who have registered for an EdOdyssey custom program, study abroad term or study abroad semester are eligible for EdOdyssey scholarships.

Our scholarship submissions are reviewed by the scholarship committee on a monthly basis. Notifications regarding awarded scholarships will be sent out monthly and all decisions are final. Applications must be fully submitted 60 days from their program registration deadline. Incomplete applications will not be considered. All scholarship awards are discounted from the student's Program Fee. If the individual has already paid for the program in full, they will be reimbursed with the awarded scholarship amount.

For our custom programs, including exchanges, secondary programs and faculty-led trips, scholarship range from $50-$300. For our study abroad terms and semesters in Peru, scholarships are awarded from $100-$3,000. Study abroad scholarships range from up to $300 for Summer Term, $1,000 for a semester and up to $3,000 for a full year. Scholarship funds can be added or combined across more than one term or semester only for students who have been approved for more than one term or semester.

For more information on our scholarships, please click here.

If you have any questions about our scholarships, eligibility, etc. please contact the EdOdyssey Educator for your program, call +1-857-284-1740, or email

*Note: Some college and university students may not be eligible for our scholarship funds depending on the agreement with the school/university.

+ Work study

On a case-by-case basis EdOdyssey is happy to develop custom work-study opportunities for students so they can use their talents to bring value to EdOdyssey and, in return, travel and experience and EdOdyssey program. For more information please contact

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