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Study abroad with EdOdyssey and authentically discover Peruvian history, culture, ethnic identities and more while improving your Spanish language. Managed entirely by our local team in Lima, the experience is tailored for each student with a hand-matched homestay, volunteer/internship opportunities, fun cultural activities, excursions, and more.

EdOdyssey offers a semester and full year (2 semester) study abroad options.If you are interested in learning about our shorter, Summer Term program, please click here.

Quick facts:

APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS: EdOdyssey’s semester and full-year study abroad program is open to gap-year students (high school graduates) and current undergraduate students that meet the following minimum requirements: (i) 2.5 GPA and (ii) 3 semester of Spanish study or equivalent.


HOST UNIVERSITY: Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP)

HOUSING: Hand-matched host family

TERMS AVAILABLE: Fall Semester (mid-July to mid-December), Spring Semester (early February to early July), Full Year (Spring or Fall Start)


✓ Days of service

✓ Guaranteed internship or service project placement

✓ Hand-matched host family

✓ Local EdOdyssey advisors and staff

✓ 3 all-inclusive excursions, including the jungle, coast, and Machu Picchu!

✓ Full one-month orientation and intensive language booster program

WEATHER: Warm & mild

DEADLINES & COST: Click here to learn more about Deadlines, Fees, & Scholarships

Why is Peru & PUCP perfect?

1. Learn Anything

For semester and full-year students that enroll in university classes, PUCP has courses in everything from archeology to education to political science to dance. Some popular courses include Peruvian Social Reality, History of Contemporary Perú, and even Quechua (the language of the Incas!).

Or, to preview specific current class offerings, please visit the PUCP's website here.

  1. Click on the "Facultad"/"Especialidad" that you are interested in

  2. Then click on "Ver plan de estudio" to see the current course offerings.

If you have any questions about specific academics, course offerings, credit transfer, etc. please contact us and speak with our Academic Advisor for more information.

2. Urban & Natural Diversity

• Lima has more than 9.5 million people, more than New York City!

• Study on a 100-acre campus with modern buildings, picturesque gardens and archaeological excavations.

• Peru is the most ecologically diverse country in the world with 84 of the 103 existing ecosystems and 28 of the the 32 climates.

3. Immerse Locally

• Courses are taught in Spanish for full language immersion.

• More economical option compared to Europe or Argentina, which means you'll be able to afford more: surfing, hiking, night clubs, food & drinks, beaches, mountains, jungle, etc.

• A homestay experience living with a hand-matched host family.


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