Kicking Off Orientation in Peru - ¡Bienvenido!

Cultural Advisor, Luis García, presents an overview of Orientation and what students can expect while living abroad for a semester in Peru.

Cultural Advisor, Luis García, presents an overview of Orientation and what students can expect while living abroad for a semester in Peru.

In the middle of July, eight of our study abroad students said goodbye to their family and friends and arrived in Lima, Peru, where they met up with the EdOdyssey team in preparation for their semester abroad.

EdOdyssey’s orientation is a month-long, which gives students a substantial amount of time to create friendships with one another, participate in language classes, and get to know their new city. This detailed orientation ensures students to feel safe, comfortable, and confident in a foreign environment.


During the first week, students arrived in Lima and had a group welcome lunch with the EdOdyssey Peru Team at Tanta, a local and famous Peruvian chain, in Larcomar. Larcomar is one of the world’s only open air malls that’s built into a cliff facing the Pacific Ocean. Our students got an introduction to some of the Peru’s most iconic and classic dishes and beverages.


The group got to explore Miraflores, local markets and museums, attend language classes, and begin getting settled into their city. Classes are held each day for a few hours in order to familiarize students with the Spanish language and get them comfortable using it as their primary language of communication. Students also get a look at how to use the public transportation system and to get a real sense of the city.

Pictured below on the left, students also travelled into Barranco via public transportation and saw beautiful views of the coast and checked out local murals. The right photo features the Puente Equilibrio and the Bajada de Baños walkway which are both popular photo opportunities for visitors and new residents!

Both iconic areas of the neighborhood show a real sense of Lima’s diversity in both terrain and people who have come to live in Peru’s capital. Barranco has become a lively district in Lima, where colorful art is on or around every corner.


During their first full weekend, the group visited the campus, La Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru (PUCP) where our students will take their courses in Spanish. Everyone got introduced to their academic service projects for volunteering (pictured to the left). Students also enjoyed a free day to explore their surroundings and to connect with their host families.


As we moved into week two of orientation, students continued with their intensive language classes, and more opportunities to visit districts of Lima. Students also gained insight on becoming a local and got caught up on Peruvian TV and movies. During week two, the group continued settling into their city, as well getting to know their homestay families.

As our study abroad students began to familiarize themselves with the area, they visited another district in Lima (Chorrillos) and got to check out a few famous sites, including “El Salto del Fraile” and “La Herradura”. 

Pictured below, is a lookout point named Morro Solar, which gives views of the coast up from high up. Students were exploring the surrounding area just south of Miraflores - the most popular district of all of Lima.

Students also had the opportunity to bring joy to the Sick at House of Mother Teresa of Calcutta and help the volunteers. They spent the afternoon accompanying disabled children with dance, music and food.

On Friday of their second week, they had the chance to meet some local Peruvian college students, and enjoyed a free weekend exploring their new home. Memories made from the first two weeks will continue to be formed as the students make their way through the upcoming weeks of Orientation!

We can’t wait to see what is in store for this group of students as they begin their studies this coming semester! Do you want to find out more about the program they’re participating in? Check out our Study Abroad page today!