Money Matters - How You Can Afford Your Experience Abroad With EdOdyssey

When teachers and administration speak with us about an immersion program abroad, we consistently get one question: “How much will this program cost our parents and students?” Cost can be one of the biggest factors and concerns when considering traveling overseas, which is why EdOdyssey works with schools to make it work for you - the parents and students! 

Beyond our scholarships and financial, we want to explain in depth how these programs work for you the options EdOdyssey makes available for the financial component of studying overseas. 

An All-Inclusive Program - No Surprises 

EdOdyssey Funding

EdOdyssey wants to make it easy for students to feel supported during this process! One of the major pros of EdOdyssey is that we want to include as much as possible into our programs to avoid unexpected costs. 

We like to include as much as you can think of that includes preparation for pre-departure, transportation, insurance, meals, orientation, accommodations and/or homestay experience, activities, local advisors, and many more. Not only do participating students feel better assisted, but parents can feel at ease knowing what’s included in their child’s expedition! 


Did you know that we offer our own scholarships? Don’t turn down the opportunity to submit an application for a scholarship out of weariness!

At the touch of a button, our students are able to upload information and submit for study abroad scholarships for their program of choice.

EdOdyssey Scholarships

The scholarship committee provides merit-based scholarships that are judged on creativity, inventiveness, and how the expression of the idea relates to the theme. Videos, photographs, writing pieces and artwork are all accepted as accepted contributions when completing the scholarship. 

While this may sound overwhelming, taking the time to fill an application out can really aid the cost of studying abroad! Gather more information about the scholarship contest and eligibility requirements by talking with an EdOdyssey educator.

Financial Aid 

Financial aid is always an option when discussing payment for studying abroad. Did you know that you may be able to apply your financial aid funds toward a program? 

For custom and study abroad programs, EdOdyssey offers a guaranteed package for families meeting annual household income requirements. When considering studying abroad, financial aid packages can relieve stress from the participating individual, and their family. 

Payment Plans

Payment schedules are significant during the study abroad registration process because it allows multiple payments to occur over an extended period of time spanning months, rather than in one lump sum payment. 

EdOdyssey Payment

After you’ve submitted your non-refundable $500 deposit for a custom program (middle school, high schools and faculty-led programs), you’ll have a remaining program fee balance that gets divided into several payments of the remaining balance, depending on the length of the program. We can also work with schools to customize payment schedules! 

You’ll have the opportunity to break the payment into smaller installments, if you prefer. All payments and remaining balances are due 30 days before the start of the program. 

Alternative Funding 

EdOdyssey believes in supporting students’ goals in any capacity, whether that be advising on payments, or giving tips on fundraising. Additional support, such as fundraising and work study, are two great options to look into. 

Personal fundraising can be effective when reducing the cost of a student’s study abroad experience and can also get your friends and family feeling involved in your plans overseas. Requesting sponsorship or launching an online campaign are both realistic opportunities to review! 

Work Study is another interesting venture, on a case-by-case basis, where EdOdyssey can work with the student in designing an opportunity to bring value to the team, and in return, gain travel and international education. In the past, we’ve had students agree to help us with marketing, blogs and social media efforts. If a student has a passion, such as writing or photography, EdOdyssey is open to assisting their experience! 

EdOdyssey Programs

Finances can be a touchy subject, and understandably, it can create apprehensiveness when deciding if this transformative experience abroad is worth the cost. You always have plenty of options to consider, but the most important thing you can do for yourself is to get informed about the finances that pertain to the program that best fits your needs. 

EdOdyssey is here to alleviate those concerns and make the most of your time, and money! 

To better explain how EdOdyssey works with students and parents to make studying abroad possible, no matter the budget; check out our page “Money Matters” and you can also download Our Breakdown Guide