Three Steps For Preparing Your Study Abroad Now

If you’re currently a college student, or going into college, study abroad may be on your mind from the beginning or perhaps later on.  Whenever you begin to think about studying abroad, it is a good idea to start this process ahead of time.

Here are three steps to help you start prepping for study abroad now:

1. Research Locations

In order to discover what opportunities are actually available to you, you should first research different countries where your university offers study abroad programs.  You should also give yourself time to apply for financial aid and any scholarships that your university offers for study abroad.

2. Find Resources

Preparing yourself for study abroad does not only entail physical preparation but also mental preparation. Deciding to study abroad can be a difficult decision so you should give it time to consider if it is right for you and reach out to people you know who can help advise you, such as friends, family and academic advisers and faculty.

It is good to get in the right headspace before starting your new journey and you should stay positive and keep an open mind at all times as you look for the right fit.  

3. Understand Your Options

In a larger sense, even if you decide that studying abroad for a full semester is not right for you, there could be several other opportunities available to you. You should take full advantage of all that your university offers for travel opportunities during winter, spring, or summer breaks.

Maybe a shorter term travel abroad experience could suit you better. It all depends on what experience you think will work best for you, your interests, and your class schedule!

Finally, you should get excited about studying abroad! Think about how well-traveled you could become, how you can make new friends, and all that you could learn about other countries and their cultures. It may seem overwhelming, but study abroad will be an experience of a lifetime you will not want to miss!

EdOdyssey offers custom programs that can fit your needs, depending on what you’re looking for in a study abroad program. Programs can last a few weeks, a few months, and even up to a year around the world! Whether you know where and when you want to study abroad, or if you’re just getting started in the process, please fill out the EdOdyssey contact form to receive more about study abroad opportunities around the world!