Five Cafes in Miraflores You Must Visit

One of my favorite spots to visit, no matter where in the world, are cafes.  Cafes have an authentic and local feeling to them that chain restaurants cannot offer.  When visiting cafes in Lima , it is a local experience. During my time in Lima, I never visited Starbucks.  

Why would you pay more for an unauthentic cafe experience?

The neighborhood of Miraflores is more touristy and known to be home to more chain restaurants and cafes, and this is something I wish I knew about the neighborhood ahead of time.  It can be tempting to go to these chain places, as they may provide some comfort being abroad. However, you should know that Miraflores has a myriad of options for small, locally owned businesses.

Here are 5 local cafes in Miraflores that you must visit!

1. El Pan de La Chola

This is my favorite cafes in all of Peru.  El Pan de La Chola has a warm atmosphere, with amazing coffee and bread that is fresh every single day.  You can come here to do some work and study or grab some coffee or a meal with friends. I remember that I loved their jamón con queso, or ham with cheese, sandwich and their avocado toast as well. There is also another location in San Isidro that is just as impressive!

2. Dolce Capriccio

If you are looking for something sweet with some coffee, this is the place for you.  Dolce Capriccio has a very homey feeling, as it looks to have been a former residence turned cafe.  I was in love with their chocolate cake paired with an espresso. The atmosphere is more like a restaurant, so it may not be the best study spot, but definitely worth visiting in your free time!

3. Pasteleria El Buen Gusto

If you are in search of some of the best pastries in Miraflores, this bakery is a must-visit.  Pasteleria El Buen Gusto has freshly baked bread daily along with delicious desserts. This bakery was closely located to my homestay so I would often grab a cup of coffee with some bread or pastry to get my morning started!

4. Homemade

This is a cafe that I visited many times when I was in Lima.  Homemade offers a wide range of options, from coffee and desserts to full meals.  I would recommend coming here for a piece tres leches cake and a cortado.

Tres leches is my favorite kind of cake when in Peru, it is a sponge cake consisting of evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream.  Cortado is an espresso mixed with an equal amount of warm milk. This is more of a sit down type of place, but you will not be disappointed in their sweets and coffee!

5. Coffee Time

When I was studying at the Spanish language school El Sol I stumbled upon a hidden gem in Miraflores. Coffee Time is a very tiny cafe that serves coffee, pastries, and small foods at very reasonable prices.  It is located only a block from El Sol and I would sometimes stop in during breaks for a coffee and an empanada. You may walk pass it and miss it, but it is worth checking out!

When you are abroad, you may be tempted to visit places that you are familiar and comfortable with. However, you should explore more when you are abroad! The good thing about exploring different places is that there are a lot of options for you to choose from.  Enjoy the experiences that are singular and unique to Peru and you will feel even better about the coffee you will be sipping on.