Four Fun Leisure Activities in Lima

When in Lima, there are a plethora of options to explore Lima’s culture, food, and popular sites.  Lima is a quirky, interest city. Whenever you have free time, it is worth exploring some options of fun things to do.  

Here are four fun leisure activities to do in Lima:

1. Parque Kennedy

Parque Kennedy is a central park in the Miraflores area of Lima.  This is the perfect spot to visit if you are looking for a leisure walk, grab something to eat, or witness some of Lima’s unique culture.  

What makes this park the most unique is the fact that you can find cats roaming around the park! There are often times musical and dance performances in the park for your enjoyment.  If you are looking to eat around this area, I would recommend walking a couple of blocks outside of Parque Kennedy to avoid most of the touristy spots. Go visit Parque Kennedy for a relaxed time and to see more of Lima!

2. El Malecón - Parque del Amor

One of the most beautiful parts of Lima is El Malecón, stretching down Lima’s coastline.  El Malecón is a giant, amazing park that overlooks the sparkling Pacific Ocean.

My fellow study abroad classmates and me!

My fellow study abroad classmates and me!

During my time in Lima, I loved starting my mornings by running the Malecón, freeing my mind while having an amazing view of the ocean.  There are also many other leisure activities to take part in on the Malecón. If you want to get some exercise in, there are actually many public machines that are free to use outdoors.

Additionally, there are classes that you can sign up for, including general exercise, tennis, and yoga classes.  If you are ever feeling adventurous, one of the most famous sights in the sky of Lima is from paragliding. This is perfect on a nice, sunny day, and you can see all of Lima from the sky!

El Malecón is also great for leisure walks, and you can see a landscape art installation of Las Lineas de Nazca and El Parque del Amor, featuring a large kissing sculpture and mosaic walls.   

3. Larcomar

Further down the Malecón in the neighborhood of Miraflores, you will find an incredible shopping mall built into the cliffs of Lima.  Larcomar is a hub of shopping, food, and vistas of the Pacific in Miraflores.

While most of the shopping stores are a little pricey, you can shop here if you absolutely need something you cannot find elsewhere in Lima.  There are also a range of restaurants and dessert places, some being more expensive and others more affordable.

Larcomar is a great place to hang out with friends, to simply window shop or grab a meal. I recommend treating yourself at least once to the food at Tanta, located inside Larcomar!

4. Cafes Cafes Cafes

One of my favorite things to do in Lima was exploring the numerous cafes located around the Miraflores and San Isidro neighborhoods.  If you have a sweet tooth and love coffee, Lima is a goldmine for cool cafes.

Many of these cafes are perfect for getting some work or studying done.  Some are more of a sit-down atmosphere, ideal for having some delicious dessert with friends. My favorite cafe in Lima is called Pan de Chola, with locations in Miraflores and San Isidro, serving my favorite carrot cake I’ve ever tasted!

Lima is a huge city, but taking the time to do some leisure activities will expose you to even more of what Lima has to offer.  These places are also great meet up points to meet with friends or your study abroad group.  You will be glad to have done this, while making the most of your study abroad experience!