The Major Benefits of EdOdyssey’s Month Orientation in Lima

When you first arrive in a new country, you may initially feel overwhelmed being in a new environment.  When I first arrived in Lima, I did not know what to expect, but I knew that I was not alone. EdOdyssey’s one month orientation program served as an amazing starting point to get adjusted to the city, gain more knowledge about Peru, and improve my level of Spanish.  

This extended orientation sets the tone for your experience in Peru and I recommend that you take full advantage of your time to gain as much from the experience.

New Friends

Interactive Classes & New Friends!

One part of EdOdyssey’s one month orientation that I experienced was attending Spanish classes at El Sol, a language school in Lima.  Since I had not taken Spanish classes in awhile, this allowed me to reorient myself with speaking Spanish immediately. El Sol was not only beneficial with studying Spanish again, but also meeting new people and making new friends immediately.  

El Sol also offers several activities in and around Lima to participate in with your classmates and teachers, which was a great first peek at Peruvian culture, food, and traditions. This provided me with an immediate connection with all of what Peru has to offer!

Sea Lion Swimming

Learning Through Experiences

While studying at El Sol, you will also be venturing on excursions and fun activities in the Lima area.  These day trips gave me a chance to see more than only my homestay and El Sol. Whether it was visiting museums, trying local foods, or swimming with sea lions, each activity helped in orienting myself with living in Lima.  

Within the month orientation, I became extremely comfortable with life in Lima. Even the small things that we did like bargaining at a market or learning Lima’s transportation options, provided great value for the rest of my time in Lima.  As a result of the orientation, I felt beyond well-adjusted going into my second month with EdOdyssey.

Starting Strong Before University Classes

Following the month orientation, you should feel as if it has created a solid foundation for you to start your classes at the university.  You should also have a great feel for your homestay and the culture and overall vibe of the city.

This orientation goes in depth to ensure that you are entirely comfortable in Lima and aware how to get around the city. It is an opportunity to get outside of Miraflores for perhaps the first time and explore areas that you may not know much about. What made this orientation so special was how personal it felt and how it is a natural transition to living in Lima.  

You will never feel like you are thrown into everything at once. Do not be afraid to adjusting to Peru, as you are never alone in your experience and can always communicate with the EdOdyssey team at any time. Live in the moment during your orientation and enjoy Lima!

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