Four Major Benefits Of Customizable Programs

Plan, Prep and Go Abroad With EdOdyssey

Wouldn’t you like to go abroad with other teachers and students without the stress of handling the logistics of the whole journey yourself? Would you like to be able lay the foundation for a unique, fun program but let travel experts work out the logistics work for you?

We’re here to help!

Our customizable group school programs abroad allow teachers and their administrations to give us the tools to develop enriching, educationally-focused programs for them and their students. As former teachers with years of classroom experience, we know how to involve schools from the beginning in developing their programs. Our ability to understand and define the wide and specific scopes of learning means that we can incorporate a variety of content areas.

Below are our four major reasons why students and teachers should customizing a program abroad!

Planning - Logistics

1. Flexible Planning

From the start, we’re able to create an itinerary that fits the mission of your program within your timeframe. For staters, we ask teachers and administration about the length of their desired program, specific/tentative dates, learning objectives and destination of travel for us to lay a base travel itinerary to start incorporating activities and later work out the logistics. Our extensive knowledge of Peru, China, Spain, and Italy help us plan and prepare individualized programs for schools with academic requirements in mind.

Our programs are designed similarly to a curriculum that allows students to learn across a wide range of activities. In the past, we’ve included cultural experiences involving local communities through homestays and volunteer service days. We also incorporate tours that include famous points of interest and scavenger hunts in them to add an extra element of experiential learning.

We’re flexible because we know that you want the best suited activities for the mission of your program and we know that you’re trying to reach a wide range of students with their various strengths!

2. Differentiated Student Activities

In the classroom, we know that great teachers adjust their instruction to meet the needs of their students, and we want our programs to cater to the students as well. We make sure to differentiate our student activities to match with the scope and mission of the program.

Golden Hour - Flight

After every program, we receive great feedback from our group programs and we’re luckily able to use it the next year since the high majority of our schools repeat with us. In over our four years of providing custom study abroad programs, we’ve travelled with students from all around the US and we’ve all collectively travelled more than 932,994 miles.

In total, we’ve had over 2,000 students go through our past programs and more than 13,450 hours in the classroom with all of our groups internationally over the years! Not to mention, we’ve also collaborated with schools from foreign countries and hosted them in Massachusetts!

3. Affordability - Your Program, Your Inclusions

Our core program includes the essentials such as your housing, your transportation, your flights, most of your meals, 24/7 staff, your pre-departure support, and your travel/medical insurance during the duration of your trip with us.


Some fun additions that groups have enjoyed with past groups have been language classes, museum visits, cooking classes, volunteer/service and so much more. We try to include as many culturally-enriching activities to give you the best idea of what we provide you with during your trip!

You’ll want to bring some spending money for souvenirs and snacks! Otherwise, we try to include as much as possible with our school trips!

If you have something that you would like us to consider during your trip, we want to hear it because ultimately we want what is best for our groups. We go through and create a step-by-step guide for each group that communicates a clear roadmap of how we are preparing you for your trip abroad.

4. Increasing Student Participation & Satisfaction

Based on our past travel experiences, we know how to create a holistic, cultural experience abroad that makes you realize how much you’ve learned in such a short amount of time. We understand the beauty of teachable moments and we coach the students as they go on their journey.

Hands In - Participation

For example, at the end of each day, we lead a group reflection to help students share, process and understand the takeaways from each day’s activities. Through the duration of the trip, students receive cultural coaching from us because we know that it’s important for them to have social context from experts who know the nuances and pitfalls of experiencing a new culture.

As we’ve collaborated with a variety of schools from around the world, we understand that all schools and students have different needs, budgets and objectives. Our ultimate goal is that we want to make it work for you because we believe that travel changes people and people change the world .

Are you ready to take that first step and start planning your next trip? Not sure about your financial plan for the trip yet?

Please take a look at our planning page to get started planning your trip abroad, and if you want some more information about our financing opportunities, check out money matters page so we can help you get on your way!