Why Study In Peru?

What Makes Peru Different

Of all the places to study around the world, Peru offers the natural beauty of the Pacific coastline along with a modern twist. In addition to its unique scenery, the locals in big cities like Lima have taken traditional Peruvian foods and ingredients and fused it with exciting, rich flavors from other parts of the world. At EdOdyssey, we want to give you a real look into how Peru’s beauty continues to combine and fuse local and foreign influences into the vibrant fiber of its culture.  

Are you looking to explore a new, exciting place with some of the most diverse food and most distinct views in the world? Do you want to experience tasting the fusion of both Asian and South American foods?  

Landscape in Lima - Cliffs and Pacific Coast  

These cliffs go over one hundred feet high (30 meters+)!

These cliffs go over one hundred feet high (30 meters+)!

In Peru, you’ll see how the unique terrain boosts some of the most awe-inspiring scenery in all of South America that juxtaposes the best of both the earth and sea. You’ll have the opportunity to see how the pacific coast runs along Lima with its distinct mix of rocky and sandy beaches along the cliffs.

Along the Peruvian coastline, you can see Lima’s steep cliffs hugging the coastline. With EdOdyssey, we take you to see the best views of the city from on the edge of these mythical cliffs. Not literally (don’t worry), but you’ll get close enough to the end of the cliffs to see the highway below, the ocean in the distance, and one of most amazing views from an open air mall built into the cliff. Believe it or not, Lima has a mall called Larcomar that looks out onto the Pacific coast.

Wait, a mall with an ocean view? Yes!

Natural cliffs guard Lima from the Pacific waves.

Natural cliffs guard Lima from the Pacific waves.

In the Peruvian capital, Larcomar is the only open-air mall in the world with stores, shops, and restaurants built into the cliffs. In the past, we’ve taken students to eat at world-famous chef Gastón Acurio’s restaurant Tanta, a small international Peruvian restaurant chain. While you’re in one of South America’s biggest cities in South America, you’ll notice how quickly you go from standing on top of one of the most picturesque coastlines in all of the world to taking a plane two hours away and surrounding yourself with mountains in Cusco.

Experiencing Cusco

In Cusco, you’ll see a smaller city with more aspects of Peruvian mountain life. In the streets, you’ll see people walking with their local animals, such as llamas and alpacas, walking the local streets in their traditional clothing (as seen in the picture below). The best part? You’ll get a chance to see building structures that have been around for centuries so you’ll get a sense of how Peru incorporates tradition along with the modern!

Peruvian Boys in Traditional Clothing - Cusco, Peru
Machu Picchu Landscape

During our past trips to the region around Cusco, you will have the opportunity to see the famous Peruvian llama, as seen on the right. Additionally, you’ll learn about Peru’s agriculture, gastronomy, and other local animals such as the vicuña and alpaca during one of our day trips!

Food, Drink and Culture in Peru

Peru has one of the most diverse populations in all of South America, and with that, came cross-culinary fusion that you will want to see and taste while in Peru!

In the late 19th century and early 20th century, Chinese immigrants came to Peru and they brought with them their own cooking style and flavors that became mixed with local Peruvian cuisine now popularly known as “Chifa”. This Peruvian and Chinese fusion has created some of the best Peruvian dishes, including the iconic chaufa (combination-style fried rice) and lomo saltado (sauteed sirloin strips with onions and tomatoes accompanied with fries and/or rice).

Chaufa combines the Chinese style fried rice with Peruvian chicken and Peruvian sauces while lomo saltado takes the idea of traditional Chinese stir fry and adds rice and fries that come from Peruvian potatoes.  These two popular dishes highlight two of Peru’s biggest culinary staples: potatoes and chicken. Although many people think of Ireland as being known for potatoes, this starchy staple actually comes from Peru which boosts over three thousand different types of potatoes.

Want to hear more about Peru’s landscape and gastronomy? No worries, you’ll have the opportunity to read more in the coming weeks with more about it! As educators with a passion for Peru, we want you to experience these places.

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