The end of another great semester in Lima, Peru.

Last week, as is tradition at the conclusion of the semester, the local EdOdyssey Peru team and study abroad students gathered to celebrate the semester and reflect on the experience.

This semester the students unanimously voted for comida criolla (traditional Peruvian food) and enjoyed a delicious three course meal: papa a la huancaína, causa de pollo and anticuchos followed by lomo saltado (the group's favorite dish!), ají de gallina and carapulcra. For dessert, they enjoyed a selection of traditional snacks and pasteries such as tres leches and panqueque con manjar blanco.

During lunch the group shared many laughs and tears as they reflected on their favorite moments. Although there were too many to name, it was clear they were all very excited about their most recent group excursion to Cusco and the Sacred Valley, which culminated with a hike of the amazing Machu Picchu.

To conclude lunch the students surprised, Patricia "Patty" Valencia, their EdOdyssey Program Coordinator, with an enormous poster-size thank you card for everything she had done to support the group. Patty was moved by the gesture and ended lunch with a toast thanking the group for an amazing first semester as EdOdyssey's program Coordinator. "Everything about the semester was amazing. It's amazing to be able to share my country, culture and language with international students and I can't wait until next semester!"

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