Ready to start planning? We’re ready!

Step 1:

Let us design a trip for you

All of our trips are fully customizable for groups of 10 or more students. Whether a custom trip for grade 6-12 students or a faculty-led trip for undergraduates, we will listen your your learning objectives and design an itinerary just for you. Usually, we have a perfect itinerary after just one round of feedback from you.

Step 2:

We will help you get it approved

We are happy to join you in meetings with your school administration, department chair, school board, study abroad offices, parent association, and any other constituents.

Step 3:

Let's enroll students together

We can host information sessions after school, on campus, in the evening, or virtually for parents and students. We can draft emails, PowerPoints, handouts, and more. The whole toolkit is designed for you.

We also create a custom page for each program to make enrollment and pre-departure preparation easy.

Step 4:

We prepare students very well

We will work with you to prepare students and parents for the trip, including booking flights, cultural information, applying for passports, visas (if applicable), obtaining international insurance, etc. You will have your own webpage with a step-by-step checklist for everyone to follow, payment portal, and secure document upload.

Step 5:

We will explore and journal our experiences

Our team has explored over 14,000 miles with students. We know how to deliver a flawless trip. Every night we ask students to reflect on their day's activities and we share these stories back with administrators and parents.



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