Discover the most ecologically diverse country in the world

“Think one part southern Cali doused with a heavy dose of America Latina”

-Lonely Planet, Peru Guidebook

Peruvian culture is a beautiful mix of native roots influences by Hispanic traditions and with a growing international influence. It is the most ecologically diverse country in the world with 84 of the 103 ecosystems and 28 and the 32 climates! Lima, the capital, is an affordable, large cosmopolitan city (even bigger than New York) so whether you’re looking to spend a summer, semester of full year abroad, our program in Lima, Peru is especially designed for undergraduate students and customized for each student. It is the perfect breakout place to become a global citizen.

Upon arrival students will be prepared for their time abroad during a full month-long program including fun cultural activities, language classes, service projects and more! All in Lima you’ll discover pre-Inca archeological sites and European-inspired architecture! Located on the coast the city is made up of diverse neighborhoods such as Miraflores full of night life, restaurants and shopping and Barranco, Lima’s romantic and bohemian art district.