Why EdOdyssey?

We enhance and manage the relationship between your home university and Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, the local university where you take your courses, with planning and programming.

1. Full Preparation Planning

• Pre-departure information and cultural handbook is shared departure to make sure you’re ready.

• Document prep and application tutoring for applicants.

• Assistance with Study Abroad approval and course mapping to make sure your credits easily transfer.

• Welcome video call with local team before your arrival.

2. Local Programming

• Three all-inclusive excursions for students to all the major regions of Peru: Coast, Mountains and Jungle.

Spring Semester: Tarapoto, Arequipa, and Cusco + Machu Picchu

Fall Semester: Iquitos, Ica, and Cusco + Machu Picchu

• A full month-long orientation program with an intensive language booster.

• Make local friends fast with "patas" program.

• Full local support team available including program coordinator, academic coordinator and cultural advisor.

3. Unique Personal Projects

• Guaranteed internship / volunteer placement due to our extensive professional network in the area.

• Every student completes an independent personal project so they can follow their passions while in Peru.

Curriculum & Experience:

Our program’s curriculum has been carefully designed to ensure students have a fun, educational and truly authentic and immersive experience. Here’s an glimpse of the student experience:

+ Comprehensive orientation

A few days or even a couple of weeks just isn’t enough to settle-in to a new city. That's why EdOdyssey conducts a comprehensive, month-long orientation program upon arrival to help prepare students for their time in Peru and make the most of their summer, semester or year abroad. Study abroad doesn't have to be scary; from introducing you to the culture to teaching you how to navigate the local public transportation to making friends, our orientation makes sure you are ready for your time abroad.

+ Small-group language preparation

Unlike many other programs in Lima, our orientation includes an 80-hour language booster program at our partner language school in Miraflores. With an average class-size of 5 students, students learn fast and receive individual attention and support. Before arrival, students complete a brief interview and placement test to ensure they are places in the appropriate level so whether you are a beginner or a heritage speaker your language will improve.

+ Language Pact

As language acquisition is an important part of our program students sign and agree to our Language Pact and agree to speak in Spanish during the entire program.

+ University academics

During your semester(s) abroad you will study at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP), the oldest private university in the country founded in 1917. The beautiful 100-acre campus boast modern facilities, beautiful gardens and even its own archaeological site! It is regarded as the top university in Peru and is ranked as on of the best 25 universities all of Latin America. With a total student population of 18,000, PUCP also hosts hundreds of international students each semester from all over the U.S. and world.

For student who participate in Sumemr Term, be ready for an incredible experience, but please note due to its short length (5 weeks) there are no university classes as part of this program.

+ Host families

The homestay experience is one of the most important components of being abroad. While living in Lima, EdOdyssey hand-matches you with a host family and arranges and manages all aspects for student. We work exclusively with families who are enthusiastic about hosting international students, known by the EdOdyssey team and are looking forward to sharing their home, language and culture with foreign students. All of our families are screened and approved by EdOdyssey, are centrally located in safe neighborhoods and meet our other standards and requirements. In order to allow students to fully integrate and become part of the family, students live alone or with a maximum of one other international student.

+ Cultural excursions & activities

Outside of class, EdOdyssey helps students discover and understand Peruvian and Limeañan culture through local cultural outings and activities. These activities are scheduled throughout orientation and during the semester. In addition, we plan three, all-inclusive excursions to the three major regions of Peru to make sure students return home with a complete glimpse of the country. During the semester we will travel as a group to (1) la costa (desert), (2) la sierra (mountain region), and (3) la selva (rainforest)!

+ Personal Project

Your personal project is an ongoing assignment during your time in Peru that encourages you to follow a passion, reflect on your experience and get involved locally. For many students this might be a volunteer experience or internship, but it can be anything. While optional, the Personal Project is designed to be fun, enriching and a tangible take home from your study abroad experience that many students have found to be a valuable piece of their student/professional portfolio. Past examples include exploring and comparing access to heath care in Peru and the USA, taking cooking classes and developing a cook book, volunteering at a local school, writing for a local magazine on women’s rights, surfing, and publishing a poetry collection reflecting on the Limeañan experience.