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EdOdyssey was launched in 2013, created by a team of educators with weathered passports and decades of collective experience traveling with students. Our story begins with a belief that as our world becomes more interwoven and connected, co-existing and living respectfully with diversity is not just a good idea, it's imperative.

To achieve our mission of creating a more understanding, peaceful, and happy world through educational programs, we partner with schools, universities, and other select educational organizations to create meaningful experiences abroad. We're committed to making the process easy and stress-free for schools and students and are motivated by our vision to make international experiences part of every student's education.

Headquartered in Boston, we work with schools across the United States and in numerous countries around the globe. Having offered programs in nearly a dozen countries to date we are currently laser-focused on the several countries our team know as well as the locals: Peru, United States, Spain and China.