Beijing Opera class in Beijing

Destination: Beijing, China

Time: 1/2 Day

Learning Objectives: We will discover one of China’s most important art forms: Beijing Opera or "Jīngjù". This cultural treasure beautifully combines speech, song and dance. During class we will hear directly from a local performer. At the conclusion of the workshop will use what we learned about color meanings and masks to create our own traditional Beijing Opera masks to bring home!


Sand boarding at desert oasis in Peru

Destination: Ica, Peru

Time: 1 day

Learning Objectives: We will discover the heart of the costal region of Peru as we take an unforgettable (and really fun!) sand buggy ride into the beautiful desert outside of the famous and stunningly beautiful huacachina. A highlight of the day will be enjoying the sunset together surrounded sand dunes. Here we will also enjoy a cookout dinner and do our nightly group reflection.


Machu Picchu hike in Peru

Destination: Cusco, Peru

Time: 1-3 day(s)

Learning Objectives: One of the Seven New Wonders of the World, we will spend our first day in the town of Aguas Calientes before making our way to the 15th century Inca citadel located in the Andres mountain ranges. Once we arrive, we will spend the day exploring and learning about Machu Picchu with a local archaeologist. 


Service in solidarity in Peru

Destination: Lima, Peru

Time: 1-4 day

Learning Objectives: We will learn about the dichotomy between rich and poor by spending the day among a local community of Villa El Salvador - the largest land invasion that has grown to become it’s own thriving district. One of our most popular service projects is the construction of stairs in the Pamplona Alta community so that families and children can safely travel to work and school and carry necessities such as food and water to their homes. This day, like all of our social service projects emphasis solidarity.


Hutong scavenger hunt in China

Destination: Beijing, China

Time: 1/2 Day

Learning Objectives: We will discover China’s history by jumping back in time in the typical narrow streets of Beijing, commonly called hutongs (hútòng). We will discover the history of the hutongs and Beijing culture through a fun scavenger hunt that will bring students to traditional homes, challenge them to talk to local store keepers and residence, bargain and more! Students will also have the opportunity to hear about the current efforts in place to preserve the hutongs as many are being destroyed to make way for newer and larger buildings and apartments.


Jungle survival class in Peru

Destination: Iquitos, Peru

Time: 3 days

Learning Objectives: Peru’s rainforest is one of the most biologically diverse areas on the planet! During our time, we will learn about local plants, animals and learn about how local tribes use the local resources as food and medicine. Our local guide will also teach us how to find food and water, build shelter and survive on our own in the jungle! We will definitely leave with a deep appreciation and admiration for the way local communities have lived for generations in the Amazon region!


Communism and politics seminar in China

Destination: Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu, China

Time: 8 days

Learning Objectives: Traveling to various cities of importance around China we will learn about the Communist Party of China and the founding of the People’s Republic of China with a focus on the country’s political history from 1949 to present. During our trip we will meet with local political scientists, politicians and citizens who will teach us about communist ideology and how the politics of the country have influenced the China of today through personal stories and experiences. There will also be plenty of time for to compare and contrast communism with other political systems and ideologies such as democracy.


Tai Chi lesson in China

Destination: Guilin, China

Time: 1/2 day

Learning Objectives:  During our fun class with a local Tai Chi or “Tai ji” master we will learn about this Chinese martial art and its various styles, history and philosophy. To complement the lesson we will also learn about the forces of yin and yang  - an important component of tai chi.


Paella cooking class in Spain

Destination: Valencia, Córdoba or Barcelona, Spain

Time: 1 day

Learning Objectives: Perhaps one of the most recognizable dishes of Spain (and one of our favorites), during this hands-on class we will go to the market with a local chef, purchase the ingredients and then make our very own paella. The local chef will make sure our paella comes out authentically teaching us local techniques and (obviously) we will prepare our paella in a traditional paellera - a special, thin pan used for this dish.


Architecture and art in Spain

Destination: Córdoba, Madrid & Barcelona, Spain

Time:  8 days

Learning Objectives: Through the lens of architect and art, we learn about Spain’s rich history and fusion of cultures, traditions and religions. During our trip we will explore the famous Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba, stunning Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and the Palacio de Cibeles and Plaza de Armas in Madrid to name a few. We will also learn about world-renowned artists such as Pablo Picasso through a fun hand-on workshop where we will learn about his style and technique before creating our own Picasso-inspired masterpiece to bring home!