Immersion Experience

Our immersion programs are crafted to give students an authentic glimpse into a country and its citizens, gastronomy, history, language, culture, and traditions. To give students unparalleled experiences we masterfully combine service, tourism, adventure, and fun. While every immersion program we plan is one-of-a-kind, the objective is always for students to be totally immersed in a foreign culture and be in solidarity with the people during their program. 

Exchange Programs (middle school & secondary students only)

Our exchange programs enable students to really live like the locals. During Exchange Experiences students live with local families, attend classes, and explore the city. Although each student's schedule is unique because they spend most afternoons, evenings, and weekends with their host families, without fail every student comes to deeply understand and know the culture and the city. After spending 2-3 weeks abroad students then return home and host their "brother" or "sister" with their family while they attend classes at your school and discover your city! For us, the most powerful part of these programs is that students stay in touch with each other for years and often continue to visit each other.

Global Seminars

EdOdyssey's Global Seminars help teachers and professors bring their classes alive. These seminars combine fun outings and adventure with guest speakers, student discussions, and teacher presentations to educate student on a given subject or topic. In the past our crew has work with college professors, high school teachers, and A.P/I.B. instructors to design seminars that help students remember, understand, and master the material.

Some examples of global seminars include: sustainability in China, Health and Medicine in the USA, and The Catholic Church in Latin America in Peru.

Study Abroad (Peru)

Our Study Abroad program, complete with a comprehensive orientation program and experiential learning opportunities, offers students an opportunity to live, study, and intern in Lima, Peru for one semester or one year.

Rafa (left) with his host brother, quinn (center) and host mother (right) outside of quinn's home. before arriving to the united states, RAFA and his family hosted quinn for two weeks AT his home in southern spain.