Plymouth Public Schools (PNHS & PSHS)

China - April 2019

Pandas - Chengdu, China

Quick facts:

Time: April 12-22, 2019 - April Vacation (+/- 2 days, exact dates TBD pending airfare)

Faculty Leaders: Ms. Kwong at PSHS ( and Ms. Burt at PNHS (

EdOdyssey Contact: Peter McGovern,

Total Cost: $3,000 - $3,250 - depending on group size (all inclusive program fee including round-trip, international airfare)

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Attend student and parent information session

WHO: All inerested students & parent(s)/guardian(s)
LOCATION: Plymouth

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Register & submit program deposit ($500) by Wednesday, February 27, 2019

...and here's the fine print: Terms & Conditions and Participant Release

If you prefer to pay the deposit by check use promo code “CHECK” and kindly mail $500 deposit payable to “EdOdyssey” to EdOdyssey, PO Box 960605, Boston, MA 02196.


Upcoming payments: March 13, 2019 ($1,500), April 3, 2019 (balance, $1,000-$1,250)


Submit passport information by march 13, 2019

Please send a clear photo or copy of the traveler's passport information page to If necessary, renew/apply - please start right away as applications can take up to 6 weeks. Due to the small window, if you wait you may need to expedite your application.

All passports must be valid through at least November 1, 2019.



We want to help make travel as accessible as possible. Consider ways to raise money like getting a part-time job, saving, hosting an event and sending letters.

Below is a sample fundraising letter you are welcome to use and send to family, friends, neighbors, local business, etc. Start early and don't forget to make it personal. Feel free to change as much as you'd like and make it your own.

For information on Financial Aid and Scholarship information please visit our Money Matters page.

Next steps...

Please check back for more important information, deadlines and other information. We will help you with everything during the departure process.

We will also let you know when next steps have been unlocked.