Atlanta International School

(Atlanta, GA)

Italy & Latin Immersion - February / March 2020

Colosseo - Rome, Italy

Quick facts:


Time: February 26 - March 5, 2020 (exact dates to be determined pending airfare)

Grade: Open to all Grades 6 and Grade 7 students studying Latin & Grade 8 students that studied Latin at AIS

School Contact: Ms. Jutta Martinez,

EdOdyssey Contact: Peter McGovern,

All-inclusive Program Fee: $TBD pending total student enrollment plus international airfare (estimated $ )

Next steps:

  • Attend the informational meeting

Our goal is to inspire students to learn beyond the classroom and help them discover our world. During this meeting you will learn more about EdOdyssey, this program, and how we help you prepare for departure. There will also be time for any questions you might have. If you’re unable to attend this meeting but would like to speak before registering please contact EdOdyssey at any time by phone at 857-284-1740 or email at

WHO: Parents and students
LOCATION: Atlanta International School, Room TBD
  • Preview program details and register

Students and families can preview the details of the program and register in our program portal here <LINK>. Registration is open through <DATE> and is on a first-come, first-serve basis. There is a maximum of 25 students. Don’t miss this adventure and opportunity of a lifetime!


If you have any questions or would like to speak with an EdOdyssey educator, give us a call at 857-284-1740 or email us at

  • passport

You must have a passport valid at least six months beyond our travel dates (through September 2020).

  • If you HAVE A VALID PASSPORT, we will ask you to upload a clear copy soon. You do not need to do anything else at the moment.

  • If need to RENEW YOUR PASSPORT or APPLY FOR A NEW PASSPORT, please visit the link below. This process can take over six weeks so please begin as soon as possible.

It is important that everyone have have a valid passport in-hand by November 14, 2019.


Please check back for more important information, fundraising tips, deadlines and other information.

We will also let you know when next steps have been unlocked.