Let's get ready!

We're so excited that you'll be joining us for this program - it's going to be a blast! Below you'll find some important information about the program. Throughout the process if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us:

     AIS Faculty Leader: Mrs. Jie Wu (jwu@aischool.org) & Mr. Robert Warren (rwarren@aischool.org)

     EdOdyssey Program Director: Peter McGovern (peter@edodyssey.com)

1. Check out the program itinerary:

Take a look at our itinerary and get excited! The itinerary will give you an idea of what is in store for students in Shanghai, Huzhou and Beijing. The program is about 15 days long and will take place during Spring 2018 from March 24 - April 8, 2018. Please note exact dates will be determined once flights are reserved. This program is open to all AIS Chinese-language students.

The goal of the immersion program is to complement the Shanghai exchange portion and for students to leave with a deep understanding of China including the people, history, cuisine, and culture.

2. Complete EdOdyssey's Voyager Information Form & Program Agreement/Release AND submit $500 deposit by November 3, 2017 (edodyssey.com/voyager-information)

Step 2: PART i of ii

Please complete this voyager information form and agreement/release as soon as possible to reserve your spot in the program. This gives us all of the information we need to begin making arrangements for our group. This information you provide us (name, citizenship, etc.) should exactly match your the passport you will use to travel.Please note for this program enrollment is on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS.


Step 2: PART ii of ii

As soon as you have completed the form (above), please also submit a $500 deposit check to AIS' Business Office. Checks should be made out to "Atlanta International School."

3. Obtain a new passport / renew your passport (if applicable) by November 3, 2017

Every voyager will need a passport valid for at least six months beyond the date of return from Peru. For more information on applying for a passport or renewing your passport, visit the USPS Passport Page. Due to the limited time frame if you do not currently have a passport you must choose the "expedite service."

4. Payment Schedule

All payments should be submitted directly to the AIS Business Office. Checks should be made out to "Atlanta International School." For your convenience, we've broken up the payments over the next several months before departure.

  • Payment 1 ($1,600) - please submit by January 19, 2018
  • Payment 2 ($TBD; remaining program fee + international airfare) - please submit by Friday, February 16, 2017

5. Get your Visa!

The People's Republic of China requires a visa in order to enter the country. We will apply as a group and the cost of your visa is included in the program fee. Do not apply for a Chinese visa on your own. Please follow the directions below to complete and submit your application. It is strongly recommended that you save an electronic copy of your Visa Application so, if necessary, edits and adjustments can be easily made.

(a) If you DO NOT have a Chinese Visa:

1. Complete the People's Republic of China's Visa Application form (link below). Most of the form is already filled, please carefully follow the details instructions below to complete the remainder of the application. Your visa application MUST BE TYPED (except the signature) and in CAPITAL LETTERS. Any field that does YOU MUST WRITE "N/A"; NO FIELD CAN BE LEFT BLANK. If you think there is a pre-filled field that is not correct for your application please let Peter know at peter@edodyssey.com.

-Part 1 - Please complete sections 1.1; 1.4-1.8; 1.11-1.14; 1.18-1.24.

-Part 2 - Please complete sections 2.9 and 2.10

-Part 3 - Please just confirm if any of the pre-filled answers to not apply to you. If so, please contact your Program Director, Peter, at peter@edodyssey.com as soon as possible.

-Part 4 - STUDENT (applicant) should sign; the signature should match the signature on the passport.

-Part 5 - IF THE STUDENT IS 18 YEARS OLD OR OLDER: do not complete. IF THE STUDENT IS A MINOR (UNDER 18 YEARS OLD): her/his parent/guardian should sign here.

2. Print a copy of your Visa Application and (i) sign page 4 (ii) attach a passport photo to page 1 with one staple.

3. Hand your Visa Application AND passport to Mrs. Wu no later than NOVEMBER 29, 2017 at 10am. Please note: Visa Applications not submitted to Mrs. Wu in the Chinese Room (1-243) by NOVEMBER 29, 2017  at 10am cannot be processed by EdOdyssey and it will be the responsibility of the student/family to obtain a Visa.

4. We will have your passports and visas back to Mrs. Wu by December 22, 2017 in time for Winter Vacation.

(b) If you DO have a Chinese Visa:

If you already have a valid Visa for the People's Republic of China you do not need to submit a new application. Please email a copy/photo/scan of the students PASSPORT INFORMATION PAGE and CHINESE VISA to passport@edodyssey.com by November 29, 2017.

Check Back Often

Please check back often as more details, fun cultural resources and important documents such as packing lists, emergency contact information will be shared closer to departure.