Smile because Soup to nuts, EdOdyssey does everything. Really. We create the itinerary, book accommodations, supply packing lists, and help students apply for visas (if applicable). EdOdyssey eve  hosts a pre-departure meeting with students and parents (for all high school programs and select college experiences) in preparation for our odyssey. Then, after the trip, we help the voyagers share their experiences with their peers. We do all of the work so you can enjoy the program and get the most out of the experience.


All of our odysseys are completely customizable and are designed to be perfect for your school and its students. Before we even begin planning our crew takes the time to get to know your school and understand your educational goals so we can be sure to create the personal programs. We work with you to understand what you want and we put all of the pieces together.


We don't do bus tours or plan "student trips," EdOdyssey crafts authentic educational programs in select countries where our team has deep connections and vast experience to guarantee students get a true glimpse of the country. The real world is beautiful so why would you want to see it through a bus window? We bring students far beyond tourist attractions and deep into a country's culture, cuisine, history, traditions, and customs. Plus, our programs are intentionally small so we can experience - not tour - the country.


Our trips are jammed pack full of adventure and fun - and it's all included. Every program fee includes full accommodations, round-trip airfare, all in-country transportation, most meals, awesome travel & health insurance, and a friendly, full-time bilingual Program Director, who is always with the voyagers. You just have to pack your suitcase.


We're committed to safety and with nearly three decades of collective experience in student travel, the EdOdyssey team is prepared for anything and everything. Voyagers are always with EdOdyssey's bilingual Program Director and our international and local teams are available 24/7 to students, parents, and school officials. And because you can never be too safe, all travelers are covered with awesome travel & health insurance at no extra cost.


Our programs are power, life-changing experiences full of new sights, smells, taste, and sounds. That's why we set aside time each day for individual and group reflection so students can share their experiences, process what they are feeling, and return home with a deeper understanding of their experience. Reflections can be facilitated by the Program Director and/or faculty leader(s).