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EdOdyssey is a student travel company founded by educators and world travelers. Our team is committed to designing life-changing international experiences for students, and dedicated to making travel programs easy and stress-free for the schools and institutions we work with.

We create short-term immersion experiences and exchange programs for secondary school and university students. Our programs are unique in that they combine service, culture, history, and language to give students an authentic glimpse and real understanding of the country and its people.

One trip at a time, we’re working towards a happier, more peaceful world. We’re passionate about what we do because we believe that travel breaks down barriers and helps to foster understanding, peace, and respect.


Our Mission:

To craft authentic international programs that help students experience and understand our world.



Our Vision:

For international travel to be part of every student’s education in order to create a happier, more peaceful world.


The EdOdyssey Advantage!


We don't do bus tours. EdOdyssey crafts authentic programs in select countries where our team has deep connections and vast experience to guarantee students get a true glimpse of the country. We bring students far beyond tourist attractions and deep into a country's culture, cuisine, history, traditions, and customs.


Our trips are jammed pack full of adventure - and it's all included. Our program costs include full local accommodations, round-trip airfare, local transportation, all meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), the best travel insurance available, and a friendly, full-time bilingual Tour Director, who is always with the voyagers. The only thing we don't do is pack your suitcases!


Soup to nuts, EdOdyssey does everything. Really. We create the itinerary, book accommodations, supply packing lists, and help students apply for visas (if applicable). EdOdyssey also hosts a pre-departure meeting with students and parents (high school) in preparation for our odyssey. Then, after the trip, we help the voyagers share their experiences with their peers.


We're committed to safety and with nearly three decades of collective experience in student travel, the EdOdyssey team is prepared for anything and everything. Voyagers are always with EdOdyssey's bilingual Program Director and parents and school officials are given a 24/7 emergency contact number. Travelers are also covered with awesome travel insurance at no extra cost.


Our programs are power, life-changing experiences full of new sights, smells, taste, and sounds. That's why time is set aside each day for individual and group reflection so students can process what they are experiencing and return home with a deeper understanding of their experience.


All of our odysseys are completely customizable and are designed to be perfect for your school and its students. Since EdOdyssey only creates programs in select countries where our team has vast knowledge and experience, we already have all of the pieces to put together to make the perfect program.

the world is a book and those who don't travel read only one page


an intellectual or spiritual wandering or quest

ODYSSEY (od·ys·sey)

one's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things


adventure is worthwhile


a long and eventful or adventurous journey or experience

ODYSSEY (od·ys·sey)

don't tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you traveled



Where We Go!


Meet Us!

International Team
Local Team
  • Peter

    Managing Director & Founder

    Peter is the Managing Director and Founder of EdOdyssey. He loves to travel and because of the strong impact of travel on his life, he is a strong advocate of experiential learning and international programs for students. Thanks to his experiences around the world Peter is fluent in English, Spanish, and Mandarin. To date, he has participated in and directed over 25 trips around the world to five continents. Peter holds a degree in Political Science from the College of the Holy Cross and is completing a degree in International Education Administration. Peter has also studied extensively in Madrid, Lima, Beijing, and Guilin.

  • Kaitlyn

    Program Director

    Kaitlyn began traveling the world at the age of 14 when she journeyed to Paris, France to participate in a short-term French language program. Ever since, Kaitlyn has jumped at any opportunity to travel. As the Program Director for EdOdyssey, Kaitlyn is constantly working to add new programs, make new connections around the work, and works closely with institutions to develop the perfect programs. Her ultimate responsibility is to assure every program we create meets our high standards, is authentic, and of the highest quality.

  • Veronica

    Asia Programs Shifu

    Since her first international trip at the age of 9, Veronica has taken every travel opportunity that's come her way. Her love for learning about other cultures, peoples, and languages led her to Mexico, Guatemala, and Peru where she learned Spanish. In college, her desire to learn more about the Chinese side of her heritage took her to China where she studied abroad for a year in Beijing. She fell in love with the country and its chaos, contradiction, and constant change. After graduating from Boston College in 2010 with a degree in International Studies she returned to China where she work for an educational travel company for 4 years before joining the EdOdyssey team.

  • Rey

    Director of Latin American Experience

    Rey knows the power of global education first hand. Raised in Peru, Rey came to the United States during college where he learned English while working and studying in Boston. Now, as the Director of Latin America for EdOdyssey, he manages EdOdyssey's programs throughout Central and South America. After graduating from the prestigious Universidad Catolica del Peru, Rey remained in Lima where he currently resides. In his free time, he enjoys exploring new places and meeting new people around the world.


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