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EdOdyssey is a student travel company founded in 2013 by educators and world travelers who believe global travel and experiential learning should be part of every student’s education. EdOdyssey was founded with the goal of creating the most authentic, highest quality, educational student tours in the world full of hands-on learning that help students to foster appreciation for different cultures, become aware of different cultures, strengthen language skills, develop confidence in new, foreign situations with the goal of becoming intelligent global citizens of an ever shrinking world.

Collectively, our team has more than two decades of experience in education and student travel and works to create unique global programs in select countries around the world for secondary and university students at prestigious high schools and colleges around the world. Our odysseys are life-changing, cross-cultural experience that infuses service, language, sightseeing, history, culture, and cuisine. Below you can discover exactly what makes our trips so incredible, learn about our program destinations all over the globe, see our process, meet our international and local teams, and contact us directly!


The EdOdyssey Advantage!


EdOdyssey offers programs only in select countries where our team has deep connections and vast experience to guarantee our trips are authentic, global experiences that bring student far beyond tourist attractions and deep into a country's culture, cuisine, traditions, and customs.


Our trips are jammed pack full of adventure-and it's all included. Our program costs include full local accommodations, round-trip airfare, local transportation, all meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), the best travel insurance available, and a friendly, full-time bilingual tour director, who is always with the voyagers and in constant contact with the school and students' families. Students only have to pack their suitcases!


Soup to nuts, EdOdyssey does everything. Really. We create the itinerary, book accommodations, supply packing lists, and help students apply for visas (if applicable). EdOdyssey also hosts a pre-departure meeting with students and parents (high school) in preparation for our odyssey. Then, after the trip, we help the voyagers share their experiences with their peers. Pre-daprture through return, it's all taken care of.


With more than two decades of experience in student travel, the EdOdyssey team is prepared for anything and everything. Our accommodations are all pre-apporved by EdOdyssey and your bilingual Tour Director is always with the group. Just in case, every voyager is covered with full, comprehensive travel insurance.


Our programs are life-changing experiences, not bus tours! We know from experience that traveling is powerful and full of new sights, smells, taste, and sounds. So our odysseys always set aside time each day for individual and group reflections.


All of our odysseys are completely customizable and are designed to meet the goals, needs, and expectations of your school and its students. Because EdOdyssey only work in select countries around the globe where our team has vast knowledge and experience, we already have all of the pieces to put together the perfect trip for you.


Where we go!

EdOdyssey only offers programs in select countries around the globe where our team has tons of connections and vast knowledge so we can guarantee an authentic, quality, life-changing experience.

To request sample itineraries, learn more about our programs, or begin creating a program today, please get in touch with us!

phone: +1.857.284.1740
e-mail: info@edodyssey.com

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    -Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Córdoba, Granada)
    -England (London, Oxford)

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    -Puerto Rico
    -El Salvador
    -Mexico -United States

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    -Northern China (Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an)
    -Southern China (Shanghai, Guilin, Hong Kong)


Meet Us!

  • Peter

    Managing Director / Founder

    Peter is the Managing Director and Founder of EdOdyssey. He loves to travel and is a strong advocate of experiential learning and global immersion experiences for students. To date, he has participated in and directed over 25 trips around the world to five continents. Peter is fluent in English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese.

  • Kaitlyn

    Program Director

    Kaitlyn began traveling the world at the age of 14 when she journeyed to Paris, France to participated in a short term French language program. Since, Kaitlyn continued to travel and has traveled with students throughout Europe and South America. As the Director of Experience for EdOdyssey, Kaitlyn is constantly working to improve our programs and works closely with institutions to develop custom programs.

  • Rey

    Director of Latin America Experience

    Rey knows the power of global education first hand. Raised in Peru, Rey came to the United States where he learned English. As the Director of Latin America for EdOdyssey, he will oversee EdOdyssey's programs throughout Central and South America. Rey is now studying German and enjoys exploring new countries during his vacations.